Misty Forest Reflection
My Work

 I write for women, as I am one. There are all kinds of women, each of us unique, but we share certain ways of looking at life in all its perplexity. I guess I would say I know us best, but then, we are each—still—a mystery. I love the mystery. 


 I write for children. Not just for children in general but possibly for the child I was or for my own children as I remember their childhoods, and now for my grandchildren. Times have changed, but children are still children—at heart, in their thinking, in imagining life, which is for them, play. 


 I write poetry for myself. Mostly.

 A More Contented Self: Reflections on Flourishing in the Midst of Whatever Life Brings is a work in progress.The book’s reflections comprise a myriad of years and places and life situations: singleness and marriage, child-rearing decades, becoming a grandmother. The reflections tell about struggle and loss, about grief, but also about expectation and fulfillment, about joy, all along the journey. About learning to be content.


​ Publication date: TBA


 Future children’s titles: 

Mazie Conquers First Grade

Sylvia Follows the Vine 

Arvin’s Secret 

The Forget-Not-Pills 


​ Publication date: TBA